I, like most of you, am frustrated with this whole adulting thing. But what I am starting to realize is that it’s not the actual act of adulting that is frustrating but rather the lack of tools/skills needed to navigate it.

I found myself thinking “How am I supposed to maintain a household, finances, family, a love life, a social life, my physical health, mental health and spirituality all at the same time?!? 24 hours is not enough. The week feels short and I swear the years just fly by. So, how do I balance it all?”

Without knowing how to balance it, we spend most of adulthood figuring out adulthood and that just did not sit right with me.

In an effort to help you move along in finding your balance, this blog is about the “ah ha”, or light bulb moments, that aided in me finding mine in as many areas of life as possible.

The first step is understanding that there is sort of a universal code to finding what works for you. So click The Overall Process and begin your journey to conquering this adulting thing.